HiLBX 2009

We are not having an exchange in 2009. If you will be on the islands and looking for dancing, please check out hawaiijitterbugs.org for more info.


Jo Ann Coker

Thank You!!

I just wanted to say "Thank You" to everyone who helped make this exchange possible this year. Special Thanks to my partner and design genius, Brent Keane, who was instrumental in the t-shirt and web design.
Thank you to...
Brent and Kenny for DJing, Deb, Candance, Christina, Heather and Lono for doing door shifts, Will for schlepping the water and PA around, Vivian and Wes for housing, Vivian for being our "social coordinator" at the Art Walk and Catamaran and all of the local and out of town dancers who came out for the event.

Welcome to HiLBX


Welcome to the Hawaii Lindy Balboa Exchange 2008 website! Save the date for our Jan 4 -6 event. The exchange will take place on the island of Oahu. Come play in the sun and surf. Check Pecking.org for happenings in Hawaii and Hawaii Jitterbugs for dance photos.

What's in a name? As our Honolulu scene continues to grow, our dancers have found a love for Balboa as well as Lindy Hop. My intentions are to integrate, not segregate the exchange. As a Balboa enthusiast, I would love our scene exposed to more Balboa.

So come out, have fun, share the beauty of the island and the love of dance. You will never be welcomed by a friendlier more laid back scene.

Jo Ann Coker & Brent Keane
A Juke Joint Production


HiLBX 2008 Banner

Here's the banner for this year. Help us out by posting it around for us.

Here's the code for your forum:


<a href=http://hilx.pecking.org><img src="http://hawaiijitterbugs.org/stuff/hilbxminibanner.gif"></a>


What is an Exchange?

Here is an excerp from Wikipedia on Lindy Exchanges. I think it sums it up nicely…

"A lindy exchange is a gathering of lindy hop dancers in one city for several days to experience the dance venues and styles of that local community, and to dance with visitors and locals alike. Travelling for exchanges has contributed to the development of a global or international lindy hop community. Although the focus of lindy exchanges is on lindy hop, related swing dances such balboa, charleston, blues dance, and collegiate shag are common at 'lindy' exchanges as well, and 'exchanges' targeting these other dance styles specifically have also been organised. The term 'exchange' is derived from school or university 'exchange' programs, where students travel to another country or city to experience the local culture. Exchange students often 'swap' or exchange their own home or place at their home university with another traveller. Visitors at lindy exchanges are often hosted by local dancers, staying in their homes for the duration of the event. Lindy exchanges typically do not have lessons or workshops since the focus is on social dancing."

Registration $79.99

Cancellation Policy

No refunds will be given, but if you have to cancel, you will receive a credit towards next year's Hawaii Lindy Balboa Exchange.
Please email to request a credit prior to the event.